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Valentine’s Day is not that special

When Valentine’s Day is around the corner, the first thing many couples, flings or people with occasional lovers think of is gifts: the chocolates, oversized teddy bears and possibly one night of a lot of unprotected sex.


Right? If you laughed, then you know it’s true. Girls will brag on social media, sharing pictures of their fake “promise” rings. Guys will invest Benjamins on a nice romantic dinner, expecting “dessert” in return.


Valentine’s Day is so overrated— and not just to me. I am sure that there are many others who don’t believe in investing all your romance and money for one day in the year.


I have been to Valentine dates when I was single and the “fake romance” was over the top. Did a guy really need one particular day of the year to make me “special?” No.


It was such a turn off. Women don’t need to be serenaded one day of the year.


They don’t need jewelry that was probably purchased at a discount due to holiday sales, and they don’t to be pressured into having sex after a night of fake “romance.”


We want love, we want passion and we want to feel wanted all year long.


Many of us were introduced to Valentine’s Day in grade school. Remember getting cute cartoon cards and giving them to your crush? Oh, the irony—I hated it because all the mean girls got teddy bears and cards while I got nothing.


I grew up not feeding into it or participating in it because as I got older, my father told me that I would someday find someone who will show me romance all year long.


Many of us were influenced as children into believing it is a tradition to show your crush your love for them on Valentine’s Day. Once we have reach adulthood, we realize we don’t need to celebrate it with cards, chocolates or balloons.


For me, I gave up after multiple attempts at Valentine dates. They served as reminders that I did not have someone who really loves me.


So I learned to love myself every day of the year, while getting invites to cupid-themed parties or girl’s nights out of dancing at a gay bar.


Valentine’s might be a symbol of love or a reminder that you are lonely. Either way, it’s just another day and you shouldn’t worry about getting laid on that particular day.


You have an entire year to catch up on love, even if it’s through your naughty playlist, favorite romantic movie marathon or nights of cocktails with your best friends.


But after a few years of not caring for February 14th, I met my partner. When our first Valentine’s Day together arrived, I asked if he wanted to do something.


“Valentine’s is just another day for businesses to make money. I can be romantic all year long” was his response.


Jackpot. He said what I always wanted to hear.


Granted, he is from the Middle East. According to his traditions, you make your woman feel wanted every day and not just once a year.


We have been together for almost four years. Every time I see him I can still feel the passion in his eyes.


I never got a teddy bear or a promise ring, but I am happy with my monthly flowers and dinner dates.


Valentine’s could be a day for restaurants to get filled with reservations, people to get chocolates and possibly a few women to get pregnant.
But it can also be like any other ordinary day without pressure to spend a lot of money to celebrate.

Illustration by Elena Stuart
Illustration by Elena Stuart
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