Rams keep the ball rolling; beating Cabrillo 6-3

By Andres Velasquez


The City College women’s tennis team outplayed Cabrillo in an important mid-season win on Mar. 16, defeating their opponents 6-3.

With this win, the Rams move on to a record of 7-4 overall and 6-2 in conference play.

With rainy weather threatening to make this the third consecutive rescheduled match, the Rams were pleased that the rain cleared away just in time for them to play.

Despite clear skies, coach Kelly Hickey agreed with Cabrillo’s coach that the teams would begin with singles and end with doubles to counteract any possible rain towards the end of the match.

Cabrillo did not field a full roster of six players, forcing Cabrillo to forfeit one singles point and one doubles point.

Yvonne Ng, Abigail Campos, Caroline Olander, Aliza Sundberg and Yannee Buron made up the Rams’ roster for the match.

In singles play Campos demonstrated her skill and composure in two consecutive 6-0 wins to get her team off to a great start.

Olander also had a great singles match winning back to back 6-0 sets, in similar fashion. Olander said: “It was not super easy, but It was a fun game” after the whole match.

Yvonne Ng and Aliza Sundberg were unable to overcome their opponents. Their scores of 1-6, 0-6 and 2-7, 0-6 were not complete reflection of their performance because they fought hard until the last second.

Buron’s match went differently from that of her teammates as she battled with her opponent in a hard-fought match, as every singles match ended except for her’s.  The doubles matches began with Yvonne Ng and Abigail Campos teaming up and Caroline Olander and Aliza Sundberg facing their opponents.

By this time, the Rams led Cabrillo 3-2 with Buron’s match still underway and the doubles just starting.

In doubles, Ng and Campos fell down in the score early on and were unable to come back against their opponents. They lost their doubles match 4-9.

Olander and Sundberg were able to secure a point for their team, winning 9-4.

Olander, who won in singles and in doubles on the day, later said: “Today I’m extra happy because it was an extra important match for all of us. We’re like mid of the season, it’s very important for us right now.”

By this point the Rams now led 5-3, including two default wins. They had now secured victory on the day but had not yet finished play.

Surprisingly, Buron was still battling with her opponent even after the doubles play had ended.

She had won the first set 6-4 earlier on but failed to secure the win in the second set. Despite starting to come back in the score she ultimately lost that set 4-6.

Now she was in her third and final set of the match and was the only Rams player still playing. With her teammates and spectators cheering her on, Buron edged out her opponent in a long, tiring, but rewarding 7-5 win. “Overall, she was definitely a challenge, but I really enjoyed playing [against] her,” Buron said when describing her opponent.

The Rams ended the day with a final score of 6-3.


Sophomore Yvonee Ng (right) serves during doubles play with Abigail Campos (left) against Cabrillo College on March 16, 2018. Photo by Peter J. Suter/The Guardsman.
Sophomore Yvonee Ng (right) serves during doubles play with Abigail Campos (left) against Cabrillo College on March 16, 2018. Photo by Peter J. Suter/The Guardsman.
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