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Community seeks justice for dead City College student

San Francisco police gunned down the 28-year-old criminal justice student following a 7 p.m. telephone call from a neighbor reporting a man engaging in bizarre activity in the park.

Financial aid fraud hits City College

Cases of federal financial aid fraud occur all over the United States, but recently there has been a case involving City College and two other Bay Area schools.

Students hold peaceful vigil after violent protest

By Elisabetta Silvestro The Guardsman A peaceful vigil against police...

Former Guardsman editor-in-chief is honored with an award as a ‘Bay Guardian’ reporter

City College alumni Joe Fitzgerald will be honored March 20 by the Society of Professional Journalists with a…

Policy proposes considering electronic smoking devices the same as cigarettes

As City College moves toward a smoke-free environment, unclear policy regarding acceptable use of electronic cigarettes…

Resolution calling to reinstate elected City College board gains momentum

A crowd of 60 activists gathered for a rally to restore the Board of Trustees and remove Special Trustee Robert Agrella from power.

Photography group 81 Bees stars in ‘Room 704′ exhibit

By Ekevara Kitpowsong The Guardsman What would you do if you have only two...

‘Bad Words,’ Jason Bateman’s directorial debut short on laughs, long on vulgarity

Jason Bateman is a total jerk to kids. That’s essentially the premise of the new dark comedy “Bad Words,” about a 40-year-old man looking to exact revenge on the world, or someone, by infiltrating a child’s spelling bee contest.

Wes Anderson is once again larger than life

By Gina Scialabba/The Guardsman Wes Anderson is more than a director and...

Getting familiar with the Thai culture and protest

Culture shock is a strange feeling. It consists of realizing how very different you are from the surroundings in which…

Have Your Say

The Guardsman asks students’ opinion on the March 13 hostile protest

Actors breathe new life into Shakespeare classic

If you’re going to get shipwrecked, it might as well happen on a mysterious island where nothing is as it seems.

Pro-Bowl player cut from Philadelphia team for alleged ties with gangs

Philadelphia Eagles cut star wide receiver DeSean Jackson shortly after a story alleging Jackson had connections to the Los Angeles based Crips street gang.

Recruitment of local baseball and softball players drop

While the Gators have chomped on little success in baseball and softball through the years, they have had fewer and fewer local players. The Division II recruiting has been looking

Photo: Rams badminton team beats Skyline Trojans

The Rams’ badminton team won 15-6 in their fourth game of the season...

Diamond sports need support at roots

In the spectrum of activities that strengthen a person and build the fabric of society, there are few that do so as well as baseball in the history of…

Gladiators stun Rams, pull away in 2nd half

City College was only one victory away from taking a trip to sunny Southern California but a heartbreaking…

Playing gangster a ridiculous choice for politicians

A federal investigation may have very well exposed such a wolf, after state Sen. Leland Yee was arrested on March 26 on weapons trafficking and corruption charges.

Democracy Notes

What should be of more concern for City College students, Russia’s annexation of Crimea or the American war lobby’s demands for military action against Russia and every other country the warmongers fix in their crosshairs?

Diamond sports need support at roots

In the spectrum of activities that strengthen a person and build the fabric of society, there are few that do so as well as baseball in the history of…

CIA conspiracies

The United States Senator from San Francisco spoke on the Senate floor on March 11 to “set the record straight” about the Senate Intelligence…

Democracy Notes

The United States’ Founding Fathers understood that a free people should be allowed to practice any and all religions or no religion at all.

Drought is marking the beginning of the end

Gov. Jerry Brown announced in mid-January that the current drought had reached a state of emergency, but it took me until the rain began to admit how bad this could really be.

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