Bay Area Celebrates 13th Annual Mexika New Year

By Benjamin Fanjoy



San Franciscans celebrated the 13th annual Mexika New Year event, held March 13 at City College’s Mission Campus.

Three women walk on an empty Valenica St. to participate in the Mexika New Year.

Celebration of the Mexika New Year began with a live performance by Jose A. Najera, and the Bernal Beat.

Mazatzin gives blessings to events patrons and band members of The Bernal Beat in the back patio area of CCSF Mission Campus.

Mission residents enjoyed their sweet Latin groove through the early evening in the back-patio area of City College’s Mission Campus.

A group of young women blow their conch horns at the Aztek Danza.

Festivities continued as police shut down the block of Valencia St. between 22 and 23 Street for the ceremonial Aztek Danza at 6 p.m.

A young man dances on Valencia street during the ceremonial Aztek Danza

The performers and attendees came together to set up a beautiful flower bed which became the centerpiece for the Aztek Danza.

A women along with other members lays a bed of flowers as the center piece for the Aztek Danza on Valencia St.

Dozens of dancers moved to the sounds of a beating drum in celebration of the new
year and in honor of their elders.

Jose A. Najera plays the drums at CCSF Mission campus during the Mexika New Year celebration.

The crowd thickened through the dance as Mission residents and visitors watched this
great cultural event.

On Valancia street particapants and observers take part in the ceremonial Aztek Danza during the Mexika New Year


This story backdates to festivities prior to San Francisco’s Shelter-in-place order. 

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