Isolation Fitness Keeps Students Going

Rachel Berning

Staff Writer

With athletes and students home during the lockdown, they are still working away physically by doing exercise at home. Whether it is working out with a friend or a family member, many people are working out to stay healthy during this crisis.

“Exercise is important for overall healthy well-being, but it is vital to protect yourself from airborne disease, especially new ones such as the coronavirus where effective treatment is still being studied.” Dr. David Nazarian from Healthline said.

Members of City College’s swim team take part in a virtual workout to stay in shape during quarantine.

“Here are some ways to exercise: keeping it basic with planks, pushups, squats, leg lifts, and burpees for an easy workout to keep your heart rate up. A way is to choose different exercises that target different parts of the body.” Creator of Ae Wellness Alexandra Ellis said. 

“I run every morning about a mile at about 7:30 while no one’s out yet, then after I do boxing drills in my garage and then after I go to a park across the street from my house to do football drills.” Football Player Fred Thompkins Jr. said. 

Thompkin’s teammate, Freshman Jaleal Evans said, “As a team to stay fit our strength and conditioning coach, coach Abe Munayer compiled a list of in home exercises to do to keep us in shape, and healthy while we as a nation are powering through this CoronaVirus pandemic (aka COVID-19).”

As For the Swim Team, Head Coach Pham Phong and Assistant Coach Natalie Taylor give the swim team zoom virtual workouts three times a week and send exercise YouTube videos to the swimmers to keep them in shape.

Freshman Swimmer Ievgeniia Broz said, “I do one of the full body workouts that I can find on

YouTube. Most of the workouts do not require equipment. Sometimes I use resistance bands. I stretch after every workout. I also have a pull-up bar in a doorway. I cannot do pull-ups yet, so I do a few rounds of reverse pull-ups every day. I work out on my own in my bedroom. My diet did not change much. I just do not eat as many snacks and sweets. I think this might be the reason I lost a few pounds.”

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