Congratulations 2023 Ram Graduates!

Story and Photos By Franchon Smith, The Guardsman

Unity In Diversity was the theme of the Spring 2023 Commencement ceremony which was held on Thursday, May 25, 2023 at George M. Rush Stadium at Ocean Campus. Cloudy weather could not dampen the energy of the Class of 2023! When the  sun finally came out it was definitely party time! Congratulation to the Class of 2023!


City College Alma Mater and Hymn

words by Chason Tucker ’38, music by Sherman Grant ’38 and TekIijima ’38


Alma Mater of our hearts

Blessings be thine ever

Though we travel distant parts

Lose thee we will never.

For on mem’ry’s sea of years

Thou wilt ever sail

Here’s a toast through shining tears

To thee Hail! Hail!


Alma Mater dear to us

On Balboa’s strand

Bind our souls in sacred trust

Guide us mighty hand.

All through life we’ll see thy light,

Thee will never fail

Here’s a pledge old RED and WHITE

To thee Hail! Hail!


(*Special Commencement chorus*)

Time has flown and we must leave

Halls that bid us stay

Friends for whom we’ll ever grieve,

Found ‘long thy great way

As we part from thy dear hold,

We’ve but wishes well

God protect thy mighty soul, Farewell, Farewell!





City College of San Francisco Commencement 2023 program cover. Screenshot by Franchon Smith, the Guardsman




















The Guardsman