A Team With Spirit: Rams Finale Game Loss 3-11

By Onyx Hunter


The Rams showed a lot of promise this season, so City College fans had high hopes of seeing their team take home a win against Ohlone. But despite the players’ best efforts and a strong start, they couldn’t secure the victory, ending the season on a loss on April 29. While the outcome of the match wasn’t what the team or fans hoped for, the Rams can take pride in the hard work and dedication they showed on the field.

As has been the case throughout the season, even players who didn’t get to first base were celebrated among the team. None of the other teams have been as full of excitement as the Rams. 

Photo courtesy of the Athletics Department.

The Rams seemed to have a prayer in the top of the 9th inning. Down 1-11 City College picked up its second run on a walk by Shane Stanley with the bases loaded.  E. Villalobos scored run number three on a wild pitch.  With only one out, every pitch was a nail biter. Finally, Nevan Lee made contact, sending the runners into a frenzy. But Ohlone turned a double play, ending the inning, the game, and the Rams’ season.  It was a valiant effort and an example  of the Rams’ fighting spirit.

The Rams were the only team capable of holding out hope through such a difficult season. Even with the stinging loss of defeat the fans still believe. The team’s spirit and dedication will carry them through the offseason to help them reach their full potential.

The Guardsman