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It Turns Out We Actually Didn’t Kill Bob Lee: Entire City of San Francisco is Cleared of the Murder.

By Diana Greer



He dialed 911 and screamed for an ambulance as his wounds spilled bloody trails on the vanilla paint of the Portside Apartment building. San Francisco police officers reached Bob Lee a mere six minutes later but he died in front of them.  

Within hours tech titan on the planet blamed the homeless population, city government, and the entirety of San Francisco voters for the death of one of their own; Cash App founder and MobileCoin Chief Product Officer Bob Lee. We may not have wielded the knife, but we are “truly to blame.” Our “soft-on-crime attitude” had claimed yet another victim – another victim that would be here today if only we had not “defunded the police” or been “evil lib-’tard progressives” who “prevent” SF police officers from doing their jobs.

Elon Musk chimed in hours later on Twitter with “Violent crime in SF is horrific, and even if attackers are caught, they are often released immediately.” Alan Alden, a friend of Lee’s, tweeted at San Francisco Mayor London Breed that her “policies have claimed another life.” Lee’s tech-adjacent pal opined “Bob’s literal blood on their hands.” Even the “I-visited-SF-once-12-years-ago” folks felt capable of weighing in on San Francisco crime; this murder clearly happened because of our progressive politics.

San Francisco pays our police officers handsomely to do their jobs. The city even paid them an additional $25 million this year for overtime alone. The San Francisco Police have not been defunded in any shape or form. All cities have crime but things worsen for everyone in San Francisco if the ones paid to protect refuse to do so. How is it that high crime tourist destinations endure repeated car break ins while Union Square is ringed with SFPD officers?  

The citizens of San Francisco voted their choice, Chesa Boudin, into the District  Attorney’s office. He was our choice because we San Franciscans understood that punishing people for “quality-of-life” crimes while not having a home is inhumane and unproductive. We already knew that incarcerating everyone for the smallest offense does not actually stop crime. We voted for Boudin to address the many racial disparities in police work, and most importantly, to litigate against the SFPD officers who murdered without cause. Chesa was in office because we voted him there. 

The tech industry executives, many  of whom don’t live in San Francisco, gathered their many millions to campaign intensely to recall our choice for District Attorney. The tech industry did not use their pile of millions to improve conditions in San Francisco; they used their money to negate democracy in our city. And now their industry colleague  is dead and his murder is our fault? 

Nima Momeni was arrested for killing his friend Bob Lee. This sad event was alleged violence by a person the victim knew as opposed to a stranger with possible ties to Momeni’s sister. 

The invective opinions San Franciscans have endured this month are now relieved. It has been proven that we didn’t play a role in Lee’s murder. San Francisco District 5 Supervisor Dean Preston tweeted “the people who tried to exploit this tragedy to stoke hatred of the poor should be ashamed…Some public apologies are in order.”  

I haven’t read one apology yet. Have you?

The Guardsman