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Have Your Say: How do your classes fit into your goals? 

By Renée Bartlett-Webber




I’m studying fashion design. I’m trying to use that goal to make my own designs. Since I like doing Cosplay, I want to make my own designs so I can make other people happy, maybe and so I can be happy with the designsdesign I make. I’m taking three classes.  


Alfonso Cruz 

Right now, I’m currently studying math 80, art 125A, PE 200D. I’m doing pretty good in the class. Math 80 is kind of difficult for me. It’s for a requirement for a transfer to San Francisco state. I’ll be studying artstudying for art. I like to do ceramics because I like to build my own collections.


Sabrina Palmer 

Interior design is my major. It’s something that I’ve always been interested in. So my previous career was more on the graphics side but I’ve just always had an interest so I wanted to change direction.


Katia Groffman 

I’m in the nursing program right now. This will be my fourth full year here. I had to do a lot of pre reqs for the nursing program because my first bachelor’s is in restaurant management and culinary arts. So through weird ways, we all need the credits to appear on our transcripts. I had to redo Englishredo, English for instance, I had to redo some classes in addition to scienceto the science


I decided [to go into nursing] because I like an atmosphere that’s constantly changing. I like being on my feet. I like thinking quickly and having to make decisions and then evaluate those decisions and then change direction. So I like the atmosphere that the restaurant and hospitality had. I didn’t like the fact that we aren’t really paid for our hours, there’s no medical benefits really, there’s no retirement plan; there’s none of that. And so nursing had always interested me but, for whatever reason, I decided not to do anything like that. And now I am.

I’m on Free City and I wouldn’t otherwise be able to make a career transition without this.



I’m going for my kinesiology bachelor’s, so it’ll be a transfer. But I’ve only taken one actual kinesiology course; everything else is pre reqs because eventually, my goal is to get my doctorate in physical therapy. 

I have a history in the military and I have a history of work-related injuries in the military. I didn’t really know what I wanted when I went into the military, I was just kind of doing it to buy time and not be poor. But after doing like two physical therapy sessions, I was like “oh my God this is my new religion. I want to study this.” Before, I was getting my bachelor’s in Chinese Mandarin and from there, I could have applied for a different military program to get all of my medical prerequisites done and then gone into the military physical therapy program which iswhich, is tied for number one in the country. I had a plan. We’re on plan C right now.

It was really easy to enroll [at City College] during the pandemic. I had a lot of other things going on as well and I really wanted to get back into school, but I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, so that was my part-time semester. AnNad it was like “OK let me take a class, see how it goes” and all that stuff. And it was all online so I felt safe and it was nearby. It wasnearby it was nice and easy for me to be present. 

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