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The Vigil: Vaccinate the Children

By Ava Cohen



Recently, Pfizer was approved by the FDA for children ages 5-11 to receive in defense of COVID, and in San Francisco, they will also be required to show their vaccine cards to gain entry to businesses. California has been given 1.2 million doses, enough to vaccinate all children five to eleven years old, a vital step in building herd immunity, as all children in the state will now be required to have received the vaccine to attend school.

Of course, like with all the discussions around vaccines, everyone has expressed their perspectives with such conviction that polarization has, understandably, been the consequence for many of these conversations. But in all honesty, I’m burnt out from these discussions. I don’t have a lot to say anymore. Everyone I know has been run down to their final thread of patience, especially those of us who work minimum wage jobs and often have to sacrifice our own wellbeing to make a living. 

The Guardsman