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Rams Triumph in 5-1 Win Over Cañada

By David Chin


On Friday, Nov. 5, the Rams women’s soccer team won big in a game scoring five goals over the visiting Cañada College. The game’s final score was 5-1 and moved the 11th-ranked team in the state to 14-2-0.

The Rams are nearing the end of their season with two games to go out of a 20-game season. Their win-loss record is currently 14-2, going 8-0 at home and 5-2 on the road. They have one more home game on Nov. 9 against Cabrillo and one more away game against Los Medanos on Nov. 12.

With only two games left in the regular season, the Rams have been very impressive, but they aren’t done yet. They are determined to treat their next two games as if they are playoff games, as the team will certainly have a playoff presence.

Rams teammate kicks from centerfield. Bob Kinoshita/The Guardsman.

Head Coach Jeff Wilson said, “Our team is preparing for the playoffs with the mindset that every game is [an] important test to improve. Even in our two losses, we had opportunities but didn’t take advantage of them. Now it’s a matter of viewing our last two as playoff games.”

With two games left in the season, it’s no time for the women’s soccer team to slow down, and it’s clear that is not their intention. Their stellar record has ranked them high in the state and are viewed as a potential playoff powerhouse.

The team’s success stands out among state opposition in many ways. They are a team of, “so many high achievers,” according to Wilson, with exceptional depth and talent.

Defenders attempt to deflect a shot on goal. Bob Kinoshita/The Guardsman.

Wilson said, “Our greatest strength this season is our depth in talent at just about every position. This makes it difficult for opposing teams because they cannot just focus on shutting down 2-3 players to stop us. We get production from starters and non-starters regularly which has also allowed us to overcome season-ending injuries that would derail most teams.”

The team isn’t, of course, without its challenges. “The biggest struggle has been getting many talented players to buy into [the] team at all times. There have been times in tough games when talented players have tried to get out of difficult situations on their own rather than trusting the concept that trust in teammates to do it together is better,” Wilson said.

The Rams playoffs will be one to watch, as optimism on the field is high as well as energy. “It has been a special season [thus] far, but we all know we still have work to do.  Nobody on this team wants this to end, and although we know [its] inevitable, we continue to push to play in the state final on Dec. 5,” Wilson added.

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