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Board of Trustees grants awards to student journalists

By Nancy Chan

City College’s Board of Trustees presented framed awards to current and former students of the journalism department on Sept. 21, 2017, in a meeting held at the Chinatown campus.

The 11 awards recognize commendable reporting and photojournalism for The Guardsman and Etc Magazine, as well as wins obtained during last year’s Journalism Association of Community College conventions.

“Give us 30 seconds of bragging with these great people,” Chancellor Mark Rocha said to department chair Juan Gonzales, who spoke from personal experiences as an advisor and a professor.

“The Guardsman gets awards, Etc gets awards; they [the students] get awards every semester,” Gonzales said. “It says a lot about the quality of what they’re getting in the classroom. We must be doing something good.”

He referenced Etc Magazine’s placing as a finalist for the American Collegiate Press’ Magazine Pacemaker award before continuing.

“We’re hidden, but we’re a great facility. Students are what we’re all about,” Gonzales concluded.

The crowd of around 50 people clapped in response.

“Thank you for your hard work and dedication,” Trustee Tom Temprano said. “I think journalism is very important and is in for an exciting time right now. It’s going through a renaissance—a rebirth.”

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