CCSF Tarot General Forecast

By Adina Pernell

Adina Pernell is a reiki master, energy worker, crystal healer, massage therapist and student of the esoteric. Adina uses “The Druid Animal Oracle” tarot deck created by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, which features original illustrations by Bill Worthington.

Working with animal energy is about tapping into the universal force of nature and all that Mother Earth creates in the animal kingdom. Chances are, you’ve used colloquialisms like “wise as an owl” or “sharp as a hawk”; using the archetypal energy of the animal world helps produce a clearer picture of possible life paths to take.


bearAdvice: The Bear

Represents: Primal Power, sovereignty, intuition married with instinct

The bear has been drawn reversed for the second time this semester. Again, we need to make sure some of our baser instincts don’t overpower us. Sovereignty suggests a lot of these emotions will be wrapped up in the recent election results as many students are still reeling from the results. In light of this, it is important not to let wild, primal and emotional energies overwhelm reason and clearheaded thinking. Tempers are high—survivals instincts can kick in when we feel our rights and needs are threatened. Now is not the time to shrink back from power, but to use it in a controlled and efficient way. Let your emotions be the fuel for productive causes or volunteer work—be your own force for positive change. You might be tempted to fall into heavy emotions like despair or rage. Don’t hesitate to seek help from a counselor on campus or any other licensed professional if you need to cope.





fotterOverall Mood of the Campus: The Otter

Represents: Joy, play, helpfulness

With finals approaching, now is not the time to embrace the playful energy of the otter, but to welcome its more industrious potential. However, foregoing a lighthearted approach doesn’t mean your work should feel forced. Try to tackle the last few weeks of school with a sense of fluidity. If life is a tumultuous river right now, learn to navigate it smoothly like the otter—with ingenuity and quick thinking—so you can maneuver around any pitfalls ahead. When the otter appears in a reading it often symbolizes family, unity and friendship. If this Thanksgiving was fraught with family squabbles, allow a sense of diplomacy to override stubbornness or pride. You may be asked to mediate a disagreement, and you might have to do so using wit and humor. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine.




craneAvoid Too Much Isolation: The Crane

Represents: Secret knowledge, patience, longevity

The holidays may seem trivial compared to the recent social and political climate, both on and off campus. You may be tempted to become isolated, spending the majority of your time in reflection. Yet, the world could seem like a serious puzzle worth unfolding by delving into its mysteries for each precious nougat of wisdom you can find. Doing so might not be all bad—in fact, it will be necessary during the long hours of study that await you. The crane is symbolic of this need. But you have to strike a balance between your need for solitary hours and company, so the weight of responsibilities doesn’t swallow you up. Try an activity like a study group instead of spending all your time hitting the books alone. This way, you can bounce ideas off each other and exchange pertinent information. Or study outdoors, where you can people watch in a coffee shop or have idle conversation with the barista. Pause for five minutes at the very least to check your social media feed. Engaging socially while studying will keep your information fresh and help you to retain it in the long run. Just don’t get so caught up being social that you get nothing done.

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