Doing It On the Cheap: Introduction

Cheap Filipina living in San Francisco.
Marilyn Fernando introduces her blog Doing It On the Cheap.

By Marilyn Fernando
The Guardsman

Where Garth Algar’s awkwardness meets Tura Satana’s chest, dressed like it’s was going to a funeral with a tragic fixation on pop culture is where you’ll find me. I’m Marilyn.  I’m fluent in self-deprecation.  I may be a wallflower by nature, but I’m a drag queen at heart.  I originally came to San Francisco from Salinas, drawn in by the lights of the Castro Theater marquee.  After bouncing between the decision to pursue floristry, psychology, nursing, political science, fashion design and culinary school, I chose to be a journalist only after being receiving the rejection letter from the Victoria’s Secret model audition process.  Apparently, there’s a height and weight “requirement” I don’t meet.  Their loss. I’m a caricature 98%, don’t take anything I say seriously (outside of the newsroom) unless I have a fist in your face.

Growing up in a frugal Filipino household, I was embedded with the razor sharp skill of bargaining and thrifting.  I’m writing this to inform about cheap alternatives or discounts that are easily accessible.  Even the richest man in the world can appreciate a good sale.  Everyone likes to save money, but why does that have to be a drag? In my blog, I’ll inform you of good happy hours, thrift stores, restaurants, recipes and entertainment.  All affordable and all characteristically San Francisco.

Love always,

The Guardsman