Sonic Treatment: Introduction

Peter Hernandez introduces his blog, Sonic Treatment.

By Peter Hernandez
The Guardsman


My name is Peter Hernandez. I am deeply vested in the effect of the arts in replicating culture and society, but more interested in the effect of music in replicating feeling and emotion.


Sonic Treatment is my personal, journalistic explication of the feeling and emotion that is conjured through music, and is my critique of a musician’s work, and that work’s ability to effectively reflect feeling based on its production value, themes, lyricism, and other modes of musical composition.


As a producer, songwriter, and instrumentalist, I am especially interested in learning from other musicians and their techniques, and although listening to a robust body of music inspires me, writing about the listening gratifies my necessities as a journalist too.


I am interested in “outer sounds,” which is a term for new experimental music that culls from a variety of genres and techniques. I enjoy music that is unusual, unsettling, and unlike anything else I’ve heard.


I am also the editor of the Culture edition of The Guardsman and am using the blog format as a platform for self-expression after encouraging writers on staff to utilize blogging as an uninhibited space in order to experience the alternative effect of writing for a blog rather than a news source.


Follow Peter Hernandez on Twitter @milesof.

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