Eco-Tips from the Recycling Department

Recycling How-To:

  • Cardboard: Break down cardboard boxes, place besides recycling bin.
  • Paper: Almost all paper is recyclable and should be placed in recycling bins.
  • Bottle & Cans:  Bottles and cans can go into the recycling bins with paper or in a separate bottle/can recycling unit.  When possible, keep the cap on your bottles to prevent contamination.

Recycling Don’ts:

  • Styrofoam & Plastics Bags: Plastic bags can be recycled at all Safeway stores and most food markets. Styrofoam remains a waste management problem and it is not recyclable yet!
  • Food, Coffee Cups or Liquids: These consumables cannot go in the recycling containers. Liquids  and can contaminate recycled materials. Coffee cups are not recyclable. They are compostable.

Other Ways to Be Eco-friendly:

  • Compost: The City College Recycling Department will be expanding compost collection in the near future — look for green composting bins.
  • Ink & Toner Cartridges: Toner and ink are toxic to the environment and our health. Please do not put them into the garbage. Every campus has a toner/ink drop-off site. Contact your site manger for location.  At the Ocean Campus bring items to: Cloud Hall, Room 143.  Put them either in a box or some form of wrapping for proper disposal.
  • E-waste: Computers, TV’s, video equipment, CDs, DVDs, cassettes, film, iPods, cell-phones, calculators. Contact the Recycling Department to make arrangements for pick up.
  • Universal Waste or U-waste: U-waste includes fluorescent tubes, light bulbs, thermometers and lamp equipment.  Arrangements must be made with the Buildings and Grounds department for pick up.
  • Batteries: At the Ocean campus batteries (not car batteries) can be recycled at collection bin sites at the main entrance of Smith Hall and at Cloud Hall on the 3rd floor.  Batteries can also be recycled at most neighborhood hardware stores and Walgreens stores.
  • City Carshare: Share a car, reduce your carbon footprint. Ongoing enrollment. Sign up at . City College employees and full-time students receive a discount on the City Carshare membership fee.

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