State Your Fashion, 10/22/08

By Annabelle Day

Saeko Imai, 19
Classy with a bit of fun

“I used to dress in lots of colors like a pride banner, but I’ve changed since I moved here,” said Saeko Imai, who arrived here from Japan three months ago. She has also lived in London and New York and now resides in the Inner Sunset.

Imai felt an instant attachment to San Francisco. “I’m not sure why, but I do like the diversity of the city.

“The new environment changed how I perceive myself, feeling self-conscious in a new place,” said Imai.

Her favorite places to shop are Urban Outfitters and second hand stores on Haight Street. Some pieces of her ensembles — from her hat to her to her skirt — are from stores like H&M, Goodwill, and Buffalo Exchange.

The clothing she chooses to wear depends on her mood and the weather. “I like simple clothing with a little color, something a little off tone, something that will break the classy style.”

Although Imai enjoys studying theater she says still has her eyes open to everything.

“I’ll see how far life will take me.

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