Social sciences staffing strained

By Ellen Silk

Within the last few months, the social sciences department has seen the deaths of three of its instructors, with the two most recent deaths announced in an email to the campus on Oct 14.

Social sciences professor and longtime Stockton Unified School District history teacher Sal Zendejas died while commuting back from his history 17A class at City College on Oct. 12 when his truck left the roadway and hit a tree while traveling northbound on Interstate 5, according to an Oct. 14 story in the Stockton Record. Zendejas was active in Stockton’s local politics, focusing on education. As president of the Stockton Teachers Association, Zendejas led 1500 teachers on a two-week strike in January 1990, according to the Record. Zendejas is survived by his wife, and two sons. He was 64.

David Landes, a member of City College’s faculty since 1996, has taught economics in the Bay Area since 1970. Landes was involved in disabled rights and the independent living movement since the mid-1970s. He also worked internationally with organizations for people with disabilities in Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Cuba, sharing his experiences. In his biography, Landes said he “absolutely loves the City College community and is committed to giving the very best to his students. ‘Best job I’ve ever had!'” According to an email circulated to City College faculty, Landes passed over the weekend of Oct. 11-12.

In the Diego Rivera Theatre, members of the City College community paid tribute on Oct.1 to Austin White, chair of the Social Sciences department and husband of Darlene Alioto White, a City College history teacher. He died suddenly the morning of Aug. 24. White published a “Short History of City College of San Francisco” for the college’s 70th birthday. The Austin White Merit Scholarship has been established in his honor and is currently accepting donations.

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