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Staff Editorial: Election 2008 has been a long time coming

November 2 will soon be upon us and the message is clear: get out and vote. It doesn’t matter who or what you vote for as long as you make your voice heard.

This is a historic election year with both political parties achieving amazing things: a black presidential candidate and a female vice-presidential candidate.

There is hope that with all the interest this election has already gained, voter turnout will be the highest in years.

Voter turn out for the 18-to-24-year-old college demographic has always been lower than the national average, but this election is the perfect time to change this. With all the exciting new ideas that can come out of this election, do not be overwhelmed by the options and research each issue and candidate to make clear and concise choices before you vote.

First, make sure you are registered to vote, and that your voter information is up-to-date. Voter registration forms are free and available online or at any post office, as well as on City College campuses.

Try to take the time to read every item in your voter guide, if just enough to get a sense of what each proposition or politician is proposing. Also, seek out voter guides from non-partisan organizations to help you make an informed choice on how you will vote.

Talk to your friends, neighbors and family members about the issues. Get fired up because both women and blacks have struggled for too long in this country for everyone not to take this election seriously.

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