Food availability fails to compensate for rising enrollment

By Sarah Berjan

An increase of food services was predicted by the Dean of Administrative Services Kathy Hennig, as a result of the 22 percent enrollment rate jump at City College.

“I rejoined the district a year ago and only got this problem handed in my lap. To deal with that, we got a trial with a very small business start-up called Swell, and they provide ‘coffee and cream.’ They came last fall, and they sell their high-end coffee, pastries in the morning and ice cream in the afternoon and that was really nice. That was a nibble because we cannot do a full food service on campus.”

As the City College Dean of Administrative services,Hennig is actively reinforcing contracts with vending firms on the Ocean Avenue campus. According to Hennig, campus food service trends were inconsistent over the years due to previously unmonitored contracts with vendors.

“School has started, and the enrollment is up,” Hennig said. “Ocean Ave has grown. There’s actually some businesses there. There used to be only McDonald’s, and now there is [variety]. The up in registration will help [bring more vendors on campus]. As of now, we’re just trying to offer students price points to their options.”

Food services can be found within perimeters of Ram Plaza, the Campus Bookstore, Cloud Circle, Visual Arts Plaza and Smith Hall. A variety of food ranging from hot dishes to salads, sandwiches, espressos and ice cream is offered in accordance to each establishment. However, faculty members have addressed a particular shortage in the northern part of campus.

“I know I’m a broken record on this subject, but once again there is no food service on the north side of campus. The vending truck that has been present for the past couple of weeks is a no-show today, with no announcement or posting,” Steven Raskin professor of photography in an email addressed to Hennig. “Does anyone know what is going on and what we should expect? We have more important academic things to worry about than calories and blood sugar levels.”

The infrastructure within the northern side of campus does not allow for permanently established food vendors to conduct business.

Installment of Byte food kiosks will take place within the Multi-Use building, Visual Arts building and within the lower levels of the student union. Byte vending services are restocked on a weekly basis and the food selections can be viewed on an application called “peekaboo”.

“This is my first year at City College,” student Celeste Mena Moralez said. “ I don’t think students know of the places to eat on campus…it’s kind of ridiculous because they expect us to eat healthily when the prices for healthy food is high. The foods in the vending machines are decent, but it’s not actual food.”

“We’re trying to get the word out that there is actually more food on campus than we’ve ever had. It is just people don’t know about it,” Hennig said.

Food Maps

Illustration by Elena Stuart.

(Edited: Correct name.)

2 thoughts on “Food availability fails to compensate for rising enrollment

  • Kathy Hennig

    Dear Ms. Berjan,
    I appreciate your publishing the food map of the Ocean Campus and spending time with me discussing food availability on campus. In your story published Sept 27th, I must point out some of the ‘quotes’ weren’t accurate, and my name was misspelled. Also, Byte kiosks were installed at the beginning of the semester, not “…will take place” in the future. Accuracy is important in journalism.
    Unfortunately, since we spoke last month the evening food truck vendor in Visual Arts plaza had to end service, due to child care issues. We continue to seek solutions. Thank you

  • Steven Raskin

    It would be common courtesy if not journalistic integrity to ask someone if you can use their quote when the conversation was private between two parties. I stand by my words, but would prefer to have been asked, interviewed, etc. before my words and my name appear in the Guardsman.

    Also, your map of campus food sources is out of date. The Binh truck in the VA plaza is no longer on campus. All there is for night students and faculty on the north side is the vending machine.

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