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Library now accepts food for fines

By Bethaney Lee

For the first time this year, the Rosenberg Library at Ocean campus is offering a Food for Fines program which allows students to donate canned food instead of paying late fees on overdue library books. The library is not sure when the program will end, so students should be mindful to take advantage of the program while it lasts.

Any canned food product which is over six ounces, is not damaged, not perishable or expired can be redeemed for overdue fees. The program does not apply to books or fees associated with Link Plus, nor does it count toward the amount of unreturned books.

According to the City College website the library can notify the Office of Admissions and Records to request “a block…be placed on college records. Registration, financial aid, grades and/or transcripts may be blocked until the late material is paid for or returned.” The library is waiving $5 in student library fees per canned food item donated.

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