General Campus Tarot

By Adina Pernell


Adina Pernell is a reiki master, energy worker, crystal healer, massage therapist and student of the esoteric. Adina uses “The Druid Animal Oracle” tarot deck created by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, which features original illustrations by Bill Worthington.*


Working with animal energy is about tapping into the universal force of nature and all that Mother Earth creates in the animal kingdom. Chances are, you’ve used colloquialisms like “wise as an owl” or “sharp as a hawk”; using the archetypal energy of the animal world helps produce a clearer picture of possible life paths to take.


Overall Mood of the Campus – February 8 – 22

The Swan

Represents: Soul, Love, Beauty

An upcoming full moon and lunar eclipse on Feb 10th could bring some real diva-goddess energy to the forefront. You might feel dreamy, inspired and even a bit sentimental as this mood carries over into Valentine’s Day. Artistic gestures, straight from the heart are likely to strike a chord that resonates with you. Phoniness and affectation will not be tolerated in either friends or lovers. Use this time to develop more expansiveness in your heart, even towards those that may not share your views. They may be room for a type of meeting of the minds or at least agreeing to disagree with a person or persons whose ideals don’t align with your own. On the relationship front, past or new loves could enter the scene. Conversely, friendships can strengthen, and new partnerships and alliances can blossom. You might not want to make any firm decisions about these developments now. Just sit back and watch the magic unfold. And keep your options open.


Cherish What You Have

The Cow (Reversed)

Represents: Nourishment, Motherhood, The Goddess

Don’t throw the baby away with the bath water. Just because certain things are not going well for you, try not to discount the things that are.The Cow is all about generosity and the nurturing of life. Think of the warmth of a mama bear. Drawn reversed, it may mean that you have been feeling that the universe and life in general hasn’t been giving you a fair shake as of late. Ask yourself if this is really true? Despite the social- economic or political climate which could overshadow things, don’t underestimate the amount of resources that you do have at your disposal. Look around and find ways to appreciate all the people and things in your life that are supporting you and that add real meaning to your existence. Show them that you care and value their contributions and they will also recognize your efforts. Someone might step up and remind you that you are loved just by being you.



Seal (Reversed)

Represents: Love, Longing, Delemma.

Drawn upright, this card reminds you to listen to your heart. When you close your eyes and act like nobody’s watching, what is your soul really telling you? Drawn upside down, this card indicates that an important choice will have to be made. So close to Valentine’s Day, it could mean that there is a new or old love affair looming on the horizon. It could also signal news of a job or promotion. Maybe you are being asked to move so that you can work or go to school in a new city, or to take on more responsibility at home or in your career. Don’t be surprised if declarations of love or marriage proposals seem to sprinkle down like this years’ spring showers, either for yourself or people you know. Whatever the situation may be, know that your heart and not your mind are where you true north is right now. Use it to point you in the right direction.


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  • Janelly Hernandez

    Hi Adina,
    My name is Janelly. I am a student at Ccsf and have been interested in learning more about general tarot and energy studies. Do you offer any classes?
    Thank you!

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