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911 Shield Safety App Update

By David Horowitz

As of Jan. 18, four hundred and four people have signed up for the 911 Shield Safety application that allows the Ocean Campus community to contact campus police using texts, pictures and videos.

The app is fully functional. Campus police, Officer Tiffany Green said the application has faced no user, technical, or infrastructure issues,

The biggest issue the app poses are people’s limited awareness and use of it, and it has not yet been used to report a significant incident.

In addition to the app, campus police are still responding to the 35 Ocean Campus call boxes, nearly all of which are still operational.

The app is a supplementary means of reporting and communicating with our department,” Green said in an email. “(It) is another means of contacting us with any incidents, questions, issues, concerns, and/or inquiries.  With a lot of our community members utilizing apps to communicate, the 911 Shield app gives us an opportunity to keep with the latest trends in technology and communication.”

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