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Have Your Say: Active Shooters

Question 1: What should City College do to protect students from an active shooter?


Kiel Martel

Kiel Martel, Biology

“We need more counseling to prevent mental health issue from going unnoticed.”


Amir Planes

Amir Planes, Computer Science

“I was at the Youtube headquarters when the shooting happened–it was crazy– people didn’t know what to do. Possibly run mandatory drills, so that students know how to react?”


Salma-Ali Saleh

Salma-Ali Saleh, International Relations

“It’s about awareness, as a student, I don’t know gun laws or regulations here on campus.”


Queen Vanessa Banks

Queen Vanessa Banks, Liberal Arts

“We need to have constant conversation, workshops, conferences, role playing… we need to have a movement around this. Don’t sleep on this stuff!”


Zhaoging Lin

Zhaoging Lin, Nursing

“In the library we have machines that can detect stolen book, why not have more metal detectors on campus.”


Evelyn Leon-Meza

Evelyn Leon-Meza, Psychology

“A lot. Enforce more rules; metal detector, metal bars on windows that only open from inside, mandatory mental surveys of students. Constant progress to show the students they are safe.”


Jun Stephans


Jun Stephans, Psychology

“I just learned recently that City College has first responders that aren’t 9-1-1, so I think giving them all the resources they need to respond to calls.”


Christian Daria

Christian Dari, Psychology

“Other than having police respond, I don’t think there is much more you can do (outside the larger State and Federal gun regulations).”

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