State Your Fashion: Lola Chavez

By Jennifer Nichols

Lola Chavez

Some City College student their best to keep up with the latest styles. They take their fashion cues from magazines they read or videos they watch. This is not the case for Lola Chavez.

Having just returned a month ago from living in Italy, Chavez is currently “couch surfing” and makes every effort to save money.

Chavez, who was born in Chile, said nothing really influences her style.

“Sometimes I find clothes on the street or friends give them to me,” said Chavez. “I can’t remember the last thing I bought, and I try not to go out and buy materialistic items.”

She also does all of her own piercing and some of her tattooing. She buys most of her jewelry for piercing from head shops in the Haight. “They have good jewelry and it costs eight dollars at a head shop for something that would be thirty dollars at a jewelry shop.”

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