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What a Proposed 50-Story High Rise in the Sunset District Tells Us About SF’s Housing Debate

The housing crisis debate escalates with a high rise proposition that truly personifies the clash between the NIMBYs and YIMBYs. Will the proposal push the opposers of new construction to settle or will the plan create more tension between groups?

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It Turns Out We Actually Didn’t Kill Bob Lee: Entire City of San Francisco is Cleared of the Murder.

Within hours, every tech titan on the planet blamed the homeless population, city government, and the entirety of San Francisco voters for the death of one of their own; Cash App founder and MobileCoin Chief Product Officer Bob Lee. 

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Resolutions to Recall Laid Off Employees Are Stalled

Resolutions to recall all laid off faculty from 2022 were presented to the board budget and audit committee, but were quickly stalled. The absent author of the resolutions and policy confusion compiled to a stalemate and the resolutions are now on pause.

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City College Hosts Black Lives Matter Co-founder Alicia Garza for Talk on Social Justice and Equality

Alicia Garza, activist and co-founder of Black Lives Matter, spoke about the relationship between culture and policy and urged San Francisco and its people to be active participants in the fight for social justice and equality both locally and on a larger scale.

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CCSF Women’s Badminton Team Lines Up for State Tournament

Facing an intense week of competition, the Rams soundly defeated Skyline College 21-0  as visitors on April 4, followed by a tight win 11-10 over Evergreen Valley on April 6. The Rams stand strong this season with an overall score of 4-4 and progressing to fourth place in conference play. 

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Rams Take Home a Win on Ohlone in Pre-Quarter Finals

The women’s tennis team celebrated a victory on April 10, winning nine of its 9 matches against Ohlone College. The game was a qualifying conference game, setting the Rams on a great path to the upcoming conference semifinals. 

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