A Team With Spirit: Rams Finale Game Loss 3-11

May 20, 2023 The Guardsman 0

The Rams showed a lot of promise this season, so City College fans had high hopes of seeing their team take home a win against Ohlone. But despite the players’ best efforts and a strong start, they couldn’t secure the victory, ending the season on a loss on April 29.

On the Edge of Defeat: Rams Win 5-4

May 10, 2023 The Guardsman 0

On April 20 the City College of San Francisco baseball team put on quite a show in its final home game of the season, earning a victory when reliever David Howard pitched out of a tough spot in the ninth inning, closing the book on the College of San Mateo Bulldogs. 

You Can Kiss Your Favorite Physical Education Class Goodbye

October 8, 2022 The Guardsman 0

The answer is California Title 5 under Division 6; Chapter 6; Subchapter 1; Article 4 as it reads “District policy may not permit students to enroll more than one time in an active participatory course in physical education, visual arts, or performing arts pursuant to this section.” and similarly “may not permit student enrollment in…more than four times for semester courses or six times for quarter courses.”

Nobody Pays The Bus Fare in San Francisco

September 28, 2022 The Guardsman 1

I’d like to say the price of the bus fare is of no meditative importance but in all fairness I think there is reason to lower it’s price as to entice more bus goers into paying the fee and of course generating some level of revenue to sustain SFMTA.